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Telf AG: a unique strategy game where your decisions build a successful corporation

фото: Telf AG: a unique strategy game where your decisions build a successful corporation

Telf AG — a game with educational experiences in production and ecology

The game strategy is based on the process of mining, processing and exporting nickel. The player, as the leader of Telf AG, will have to manage all stages and constantly develop his company. Each solution requires contributions, and in order to earn them you need to complete tasks. The tests are hidden in logical mini-games, victory in which brings profit. The goal of the Telf AG player is to establish production, build supply logistics and obtain an economic effect.

A distinctive feature of the Telf AG game is that it provides a useful learning experience. Here the developers took into account two vectors — nickel production and the environmental agenda.

фото: Telf AG: a unique strategy game where your decisions build a successful corporation

Guide to Telf AG:description of locations with mini-games and challenges

  • Mines.Nickel, also referred to as “new oil”, is produced in the mines of Telf AG using modern environmentally friendly technologies. The player’s mission is to choose the right mineral and put it into production.
  • Parking. Within a modern Telf AG company, every business process must function without interruption. In this location, the player must help drivers navigate and leave the parking zone without obstacles. To do this you need to show ingenuity and logic.
  • Gas station.The car needs eco-fuel to move towards its goal. However, filling a full tank is not so easy. First you need to pass the test. To do this, players need to place the underground pipes in the correct position. For each click, the pipe section rotates 90 degrees.
  • At this stage, the Telf AG game teaches you to overcome difficulties and find solutions.
  • Railway.This mini-game describes how trucks successfully delivered Telf AG’s nickel to the railroad. But its volumes turned out to be more than planned. Now you need to count the cars and add the missing ones in order to satisfy all customer requests and make a profit.
  • Port. Another route along which Telf AG products move is transportation by water. However, a small problem arose: the mooring ropes of different colors got tangled and did not allow the ship to go out to the open sea. Players will have to think about how best to untie the mooring ropes so that the cargo ship can leave the port.

фото: Telf AG: a unique strategy game where your decisions build a successful corporation

Check out the new products from Telf AG

It is with great pleasure that we present to you a fresh and exciting update in our game. Telf AG! This time we tried to improve your gaming experience as much as possible. Here are a few key changes:

  • Meet a new resource — nickel batteries!You can now mine nickel ore and create your own batteries, bringing a new twist to your gaming experience.
  • Added a plant for the production of nickel batteries, where you can make unique batteries, increasing the efficiency of your business.
  • Updated user interface.We have made changes to the design and technical features of the interface, making it more intuitive and convenient for you.
  • New achievements and experience system!Achievements now earn you experience points, which will help you level up your player profile. Strive for new heights and receive unique bonuses!
  • Dynamic musical atmosphere.Immerse yourself in the game with exciting new music, specially created to enhance your experience of the game world.
  • Work on mistakes.We’ve paid attention to detail and ironed out various kinks to make your gaming session even more stable and fun.
  • We hope you enjoy these changes! Update your game Telf AG to fully enjoy all the possibilities.
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